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For many a borrower, managing a high debt-to-income ratio (also known as DTI ratio) can feel like walking a financial tightrope. The mounting pressure of dealing with multiple debt obligations, such as credit cards and one or more personal loans can seem insurmountable and lead to bad credit and low credit reports. 

Thankfully, there is hope. Credit9 can help you manage your debts with debt consolidation — a financial strategy that combines multiple debts into a single monthly payment. 

For those grappling with a high DTI ratio, debt consolidation can offer a lifeline to improve your financial situation. Our Credit9 loan specialists can provide you with viable solutions for a debt-free future with a debt consolidation loan. This lets you lower your monthly expenses to a level that suits your monthly gross income. 

What Is A High Debt-To-Income (DTI) Ratio?

A high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio means the debts you have to pay back take a significant chunk of your income. 

Unmanageable debt-to-income ratios are around 40%. This means you are giving 40% of your gross monthly income to debt payments, which leaves very little for your living expenses including groceries, gas, and utilities. Debt calculated in your DTI ratio may include a home loan, an auto loan, credit card debt, student loan debt, personal loans, and other types of secured loan and unsecured debt.

A high debt-to-income ratio can create numerous challenges. It can limit your ability to save, invest, or even cover your daily living expenses. Without savings, you become vulnerable in case of a financial emergency. It can also make it harder to have loans or credit approved in the future because banks will see that you are already struggling with your existing debts and consider you a high-risk borrower. 

That's where debt consolidation comes in. It simplifies debt repayment, allows you to reduce your monthly debt payment, and in some cases, can even lower the overall interest rate — which could save you money in the long run. With loan consolidation, you can thus drastically improve your DTI ratio.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Debt consolidation loans merge together several existing loans or credit card debts into a new one. Essentially, you take out a new loan that's large enough to cover all your existing debts. As a borrower, you use the funds from this new loan to pay off your unsecured debts, leaving you with just one monthly payment to manage. 

A debt consolidation loan is easier to manage and usually comes with a lower interest rate compared to an unsecured personal loan, payday loans, and credit cards. That means you can pay less in interest and more money can stay in your pocket. 

A Debt Consolidation Loan For Your Existing Debts

Taking a debt consolidation loan to cover your existing debts offers many advantages.

Single monthly payment

Debt consolidation loans are easy to keep track of thanks to a single monthly payment that’s easy to schedule into your monthly expenses. Instead of remembering several payments and falling behind on some, you only have a single loan payment to take care of per month.

Fixed monthly payments

When you consolidate your debt, you also eliminate surprises. Your consolidation loan comes with a fixed interest rate for the whole repayment period and fixed monthly payments. You know exactly how much you are going to pay without any hidden charges or unpleasant surprises. 

Lower interest rates

Debt consolidation loans typically carry lower interest rates compared to several types of loans — particularly personal loans, payday loans, and credit cards. Why should you pay more for your loans when you can get a better deal? With the help of our Credit9 loan specialists, you can get the best deal for consolidating your debts and lower your debt-to-income ratio to more manageable levels. 

Manageable repayment period

If your debts don't let you sleep at night, it’s good to know that a debt consolidation loan can help you manage the repayment period according to your needs. 

Monthly debt payments should not stretch your finances so much that you have to choose between your monthly payment or your family’s monthly expenses. If you have a high debt-to-income ratio, you can extend the repayment period so that you reduce monthly installments. You can have more disposable income every month to cover your everyday expenses while paying off your debt diligently.

Make Debt Consolidation Work Even Better For You

There are ways to qualify for better terms with your debt consolidation loan. Credit9 loan specialists can help you make the most of your debt consolidation deal, thus achieving loan approval with the best repayment terms.

Have a Cosigner

If there is a trusted family member or friend with a good credit score, they can be cosigners to your debt consolidation loan. You will benefit from their good credit score, which means you will have lower interest charges on your loan. 

Include high-interest-rate debts

If you have high-interest-rate debts, make sure to include them in your debt consolidation loan, to benefit from lower interest charges. This cn ensure more money stays in your household. 

Work on your credit score

Many people with high debt-to-income ratios have poor credit scores and a credit history that is not ideal. If you have worked on your credit score before applying for a debt consolidation loan, you can benefit from a consolidation loan with lower interest. 

Credit9 Is Your Trusted Lender

Life is sometimes hard and no matter how much you stretch your income, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. When you have a high debt compared to your monthly or annual income and you struggle with various debt payments from different lenders, a debt consolidation loan can bring everything together and give you the time and space to find a stable financial footing with more favorable loan terms. 

You are not alone in this journey. Many people have faced high debt-to-income ratios and have successfully navigated their way to financial stability. If you're in a similar situation, know that there are resources and strategies available, like debt consolidation, to help you reduce your DTI and regain your financial footing.

Credit9 is a reputable and reliable online lender. Our loan specialists are professionals who have helped Americans get out of their debt spiral and enjoy a debt-free future. Credit9 is also fully accredited by the Best Business Bureau (BBB), which speaks of our ethical practices.  

Contact us today for free information on your options for debt relief if you have a high DTI ratio. An expert loan specialist will discuss with you the best debt consolidation loan that will allow you to pay off debt with better terms.

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